Why Do I Need a Responsive Website?

First of all, let’s clear the air. What is a responsive website and what is responsive design!?!?!? A responsive website is a site that resizes to fit and display on all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones). Responsive Design is the planning, design, and development of that particular website. “Sounds neat, but why do I need a responsive website?” you ask. We’re going to touch on 3 reasons why Responsive Design is essential to your website.

1. Keep Your Audience With a Solid User Experience

Today’s website user has no patience for a poor user experience. A recent Google study showed 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another app or website if it does not satisfy their needs. If your site does not cater to the mobile user, you will more than likely be losing or turning away visitors. And with mobile web viewing on a constant rise, responsive web design has become increasingly more important.

2. Save Time and Money

Remember when businesses used to have both a desktop site AND a mobile site? Do you still have this set up?!? If so, you are likely spending a ton of time and money on site updates and testing on two platforms. With responsive design, you get one website that applies to all devices. When you need to make a change, you do it once. That’s it.

3. Be Found in Search Engines

Don’t take our word for it. Take Google’s. Google will actually increase your ranking if you have a mobile friendly website. Which means, if your site is not responsive, you actually get punished in search engine rankings. You can actually check to see if your site is mobile friendly here. If it isn’t, investing in a responsive website is definitely something that will drastically help your online presence in the long run.

The bottom line here is that responsive design has become the standard in our industry. If your company or organization’s website is not set up to “respond”, it’s time. Questions? Contact us today. We’ll walk you through the necessary steps to boosting your mobile presence.

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